Anna & Carlin’s wedding shoot was a DREEEEEEEEAM!!!! OK, so get this. It’s already the first of November and there’s pretty much no snow. WEIRD, right?! I mean, this IS Edmonton, after all! Where is all the snow we’re known for?!

I prayed and hoped for a major snowfall for Anna & Carlin’s wedding and IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!! Sooo much more than I ever wanted! It legit would not stop snowing but look at the photos below – I WAS NOT COMPLAINING!

Neither were Anna or Carlin – they were super excited to get their pictures taken and even though they were FREEZING, you would never have guessed it! They were ALL SMILES ALL DAY, and I LOVED it.

If you’re on the fence about a winter wedding – look no further than Anna & Carlin’s wedding gallery to show you just how beautiful a winter wedding can be!

Photographer: Laurie K. Jensen Photography
Makeup: Sero Beauty Co.