Winter? You’ve got nothing on Talia & Benson!

Whenever I have engagement sessions booked during the winter months, I schedule them tentatively and let couples know that we can change it if forecast calls for major cold or snow.

Aside from winter weddings that happen REGARDLESS, engagement sessions have the luxury of flexibility and for me, client comfort matters most! If you’re happy and warm, that’s what will show in your photos!

I legit thought Talia and Benson would want to postpone their session for a warmer afternoon since it was going to be -28C but they were ALL FOR IT! Actually, for the record, Benson wanted to postpone it, but Talia said it was happening!

The best part about taking photos this day, I think, was being able to go directly onto the frozen ravine! Definitely not the type of scenery you could get any other time of the year! Totally worth it!

So enjoy our hard work and the stunning wintery imagery from Talia and Benson’s engagement session!