Hannah & Scott are two amazingly intelligent people, which would intimidate me if they weren’t so incredibly down to earth! Since they first met in the Chemistry building at the University of Alberta, it was only fitting we have their engagement session there too! They were even able to get us into a real chem lab, which I thought was pretty legit since the only science class I ever took in high school was Biology so I didn’t even know what a lab actually looked like.

We talked about how neither of us were able to find examples of other engagement sessions in a chemistry lab, so I’m pretty darn excited we were able to create these images together!

Your names & ages: Hannah (25) & Scott (27)
Occupations: Doctor & Teacher
Current relationship status: Engaged


How did you two meet?
Hannah: We met in a chemistry lab in my third year of university. I remember his smile and thinking that he seemed far too happy to be cooped up in the lab. But it grew on me and so did he.

Scott: Hannah was in one of my chemistry labs at university. I thought that she was pretty cute, but she wasn’t at the same bench as me so we didn’t really get a chance to talk till the end of the year. There was another girl at my bench; she was not as cute or as smart as Hannah, so I talked with her more. They both ‘wanted’ me. Hannah eventually asked me for coffee, which eventually turned into a date and the rest is history! (PS. Hannah got the highest mark in that class, and that other girl is pregnant, so I clearly made the right choice)

When did you start dating? Who asked who?
: During our chemistry labs I tried to talk to him. I even registered in the second section of the course the following semester to try and get to know him more. Then I learned he was actually graduating at the end of the current semester. So I decided I would ask him to hang out knowing if he said no, I’d probably never see him again anyways. Apparently he became quite confused by this and had to ask around for some advice as to how to respond. But we ended up going on a date and the rest is history.

Scott: Hannah asked me out first, but I did not really know her all that well as we had only talked a little bit in class. I invited her to ‘Meet the Professor’ night for Chemistry because I figured that would be a good way to get to know her. (It was also free beer and pizza, so I wouldn’t have to pay for anything). She declined, but we eventually went on our first date…It was much better than my first suggestion.

Describe your first date. Did you know it would lead to more dates? A relationship?
Hannah: Scott originally suggested going to “meet the prof night” for the chemistry department at a dingy pizza place. I suggested coffee. Ultimately he took my to Peter Pan the musical. He was too nervous to hold my hand. We ended up talking until almost 3 in the morning. Over 5 years later I still have the playbill.

Scott: After Hannah declined my invitation to Meet the Prof night, I knew I had to step up my game. I ended up taking her to see a performance of Peter Pan from the St. Albert Children’s Musical. Afterwards we went to Vis for Pies, then to Hannah’s place and talked till the early morning. I knew that we would be going on more dates and was hopeful that it would lead to a relationship.


Who proposed? How did it happen?
Hannah: I was presenting at a conference in San Francisco and asked Scott to come along with me hoping to have some time for sight seeing together. We decided to rent bikes and bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. We biked up a huge hill to Batter Spencer Point, an old look-out base overlooking the bay. We sat down on a bench for a snack and he held my hand. I saw him pull out a box and completely lost it. I think i cried for almost 20 minutes before I could say “of course!”.

Scott called my dad the day I left for San Francisco and asked him to stop by the house that evening before he himself left to come meet me in the US. My dad called my mom saying how odd it was Scott had asked him to come over and that he probably just wanted my dad to take the vegetables from the fridge so they didn’t go bad while we were away. My mom was not so clueless and she hinted to him that this may be something about a proposal and he should take it very seriously. After my dad arrived he and Scott chatted about hockey for a bit as Scott mustered up the courage to say “I’m planning on proposing to Hannah and wanted to ask for your blessing”. My dad then went into shock, he was overjoyed of course but still couldn’t believe this wasn’t just a meeting about him taking home some cucumbers so they don’t go to waste.

Scott: I proposed to Hannah at Battery Spencer Point in San Francisco. I  had known I would propose to Hannah for a few years prior, but wanted to do it away from Edmonton. Hannah invited me to a conference in San Francisco that she would be presenting at and we could have a long weekend away. We rented bikes and rode along the coast, across the Golden Gate Bridge and up to a view point well above the bridge to sit and eat lunch. After talking for a while, and not having any idea how to transition into asking Hannah to marry me, I took out the ring and before I could even say anything she started tearing up and freaking out.

Was the proposal a complete surprise? How did you celebrate after?
Hannah: I was completely shocked. I knew we would probably get married sooner or later but it was never a big deal to either us. I had sent him a picture of a particular ring I liked in November that was on sale at the time. In January nothing had happened and the ring had gone back up to full price so I sent the link again in dismay. What I didn’t know is that he had bought the ring a day after i sent him the link in November and was just waiting for the perfect time to propose.

Scott: Hannah was completely surprised. I had always told her that I would use misdirection so that she never knew when it would happen (having gone to lengths of wrapping her Christmas present in wedding themed packaged (which probably was not a good idea in retrospect)). I bought the ring a day after she had told me she wanted a particular one, but she had no idea. After the proposal we finished out bike ride and went out to iHOP for red velvet pancakes. (We actually went for dinner and drinks, then a show called Beach Blanket Babylon, but the night ended at iHOP)

How did you know he/she was the one you want to marry?
Hannah: I knew very early on that I wanted to be with Scott forever. Scott showed my how to love and appreciate myself. We celebrate our successes and motivate each other as team mates.

Scott: I think I always had hoped that Hannah would be someone that I would marry. In the first couple months of dating, it seemed like life could get in the way with me moving away for work, or her moving away for medical school. At some point it was clear that I should put her in the way of life, because it would be so much better with her in it.


How do you like to spend your free time together?

Hannah: Honestly we watch a lot of Netflix and sleep ha ha.
Scott: Cuddling. Laughing. Eating. Escape Rooms.

What kind of adjectives would you use to describe yourselves as a couple?

Hannah: Nerdy, Laid-back, endearing, honest
Scott: Funny. Easy Going. Quirky.

Are there any quirks you like about each other?

Hannah: Scott is an amazing cook and baker. Without him I might actually starve.
Scott: It is funny when Hannah gets into Doctor mode and starts to be bossy by delegating tasks. Its like she’s a different person!

Do you have any memorable moments you’ve shared together?

Hannah: We were in Berlin together on Scott’s 25th birthday when Germany won the World Cup. It was crazy! There were fireworks going everywhere in the streets. People were screaming. It was electric.


What has been the biggest struggle you’ve faced as a couple?
Hannah: The hardest part of being together is finding time to truly be together. Our work schedules conflict a lot and I’m often having to sleep at the hospital a couple nights a week when i’m on call. When we get home we are often exhausted and being present for each other can be hard but we make it work in our own way.

Scott: That time when a guy asked Hannah out in front of me… I thought that might have been the end.

In a world where unfortunate circumstances & divorces occur, what makes you confident your marriage will survive its challenges?
Hannah: I think the fact the we work well together on a practical and cognitive level helps add to our relationship. If we had never been together for whatever reason I think we would have been best friends.

Scott: We have always found a way to connect with each other and make each other laugh no matter how hard of a day either of us has had. We care about each other’s goals and dreams, in which one of us does not come before the other.

If you were stranded on an island:
Hannah: I think we would survive. Honestly we’d probably try to set up a research station there and put our science backgrounds to use.

What are your goals & dreams for the future?
Hannah: I’d love to continue to travel the world with Scott and add in a couple of kiddos at some point.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with me?
: You’re posts are the cutest and i love reading them! Scott and I figured it would be fun to answer separately and see how each other responded. This was actually a really creative way for me to get thinking about topics for vows, speeches, etc..