First off, I need to tell you how much I ADORE Bill and Kerry. We attend the same church, which is where we first met, and since then we’ve hit it off and consider them family.

We’ve spent Christmases, Thanksgivings, and even New Years Eve together, and we are so appreciative of their friendship! Also, they are AMAZING chefs and we are spoiled with delicious food, yummy treats, and loving company each time we visit!! Also, game and movie nights – SO FUN. They are the sweetest friends ever, and I love them so much!!

They were so gracious to invite us to their family cabin in Saskatchewan and our weekends finally lined up that we were able to make it happen! YAY! We paddleboarded for the first time, kayaked (I almost fell into the water because it was a child’s kayak, hahaha), slept lots, relaxed lots, and ate lots!!

Also, Chester and Toby, our pups, became better friends – they could’ve chased squirrels for DAYYYYSSSS (and you guys, Chester is MADE for lake life. He LOVED our time there!).

I am super happy to share with you these beautiful images of Bill and Kerry (and Toby, of course)! I hope you love them as much as I do!