When Joe contacted me asking if I could photograph a surprise proposal to his girlfriend, Emily, I was like, HECK YES.

Because he wanted to keep this a surprise for Emily, we had to choose a location where it wouldn’t be completely out of place for me to be there randomly near where he would propose.

We bounced around a few location ideas and eventually decided that the pathway at Louise McKinney Park would be best. He planned a special evening at the La Ronde nearby, and told her that there would be a festival happening at the park they could check out beforehand.


We planned to meet around 3pm, so I got there a few minutes early just in case and pretended to be taking landscape pictures whenever a couple started walking my way, hahaha.

After the proposal happened (and me sneakily photographing them from a distance!), Joe pointed me out to Emily and she had no idea I was even there! (YAY! Our plan worked!).

The rest of our session together turned into taking engagement photos, which you can check out below!

Congrats Joe & Emily!