These soft touch matte business cards are AH-mazing!! I really wish you could feel these in person, they’re like velvet!

Last time I didn’t order nearly enough, so I made sure to order a lot this time around (250!). I’m always nervous when I’m working on my own branding because I want to make sure everything is PERFECT and I quadruple check EVERYTHING to make sure it’s all centred, the right font, the right size, the right colours, and most importantly: that I spell everything properly hahaha. My worst fear is that I order a ton of business cards and I realize too late that I typed my own name wrong or something (anyone else feel this way?!).

When I was thinking of ways to photograph my new business cards, I knew I had to use the new ring holder we got from Urban Barn. This T-Rex dinosaur ring holder is ADORABLE and sits next to our kitchen sink, but it honestly just houses a lot of my bobby pins, haha. (In case you’re curious, the succulents are also from Urban Barn too).

I’m so glad I was able to get my cards to lean against the dinosaur to make it look like he’s eating my cards, hahaha (too dorky?). It actually took me a while to get it standing like that, and I was working against the sunset next to our bedroom window, so I was extra happy when I got all the shots I wanted before the sun went down! Talk about perfect timing!

I carry several in my purse, so feel free to ask me for one next time you see me in person! 🙂