Fun fact: did you know that the Muttart Conservatory isn’t pronounced “mew-tart” but it’s actually “mutt-art”? It still sounds weird to me, so I’m actually just going to keep calling it MEWTART Conservatory, haha. Sorry, City of Edmonton!

I love the Muttart Conservatory rooftop as it’s one of my favourite spots for engagement sessions! The pyramids, the skyline, and cityscape – all in one place! Heads up though – make sure to visit when it hasn’t been raining recently. Otherwise, the rain water accumulates near the pyramids and you’ll need rain boots!

I’m super happy we got to come here for Adrienne & Harrison’s engagement photos. We scheduled the session the week of the trees blossoming too, so it made for the perfect Spring date.

If you’re wondering if Spring is ideal for an engagement session, I hope these photos convince you to book one!