Call me selfish because I want to keep this location a secret, but I had to bring Erin & Gio here!

Andrew actually discovered this hidden spot when we moved to Twin Books! It’s behind our house and kind of reminds us of the badlands, so we like to call it “the dinosaur place”. (And actually, the paleontology department used to dig for bones there, so it’s quite accurate!).

I’ve said too much.

Hahaha, just kidding.

It’s located within the McTaggart Sanctuary so it’s not SUUUUUPER secret, but Andrew and I barely run into anyone else whenever we visit!

Erin and Gio opted for two outfits: one casual, then dressy, which gave us two different looks for photos even though we stayed in the same area! It rained a bit (and POURED after we left!), and I think the weather just added to the stormy sexy tones of the session!