So, how did us traveling to Hawaii and renting a Prius on the Turo app lead to an amazing adventure shoot with Johnny & Christy? Read on, friends! ⠀

When Johnny picked us up at the airport in the Prius we rented from him (he had no idea we were wedding photographers), our small talk led us to their story (shared below) and we INSISTED they dress up in their wedding attire again for an adventure shoot. I showed them my IG page and promised we would not disappear like their other photographers, hahaha. ⠀

I am over the moon to have met these gorgeous souls and the chance to share their story.

Christy & Johnny’s Story

“February 26, 2016, we got married at Bellows Beach. Originally we were thinking about getting married in Tennessee and having a grand wedding. But we didn’t want to wait that long. We had spent so much time apart we just wanted to be together. So I packed up all my stuff and bought an one way ticket to Hawaii.   

Our wedding was a small, quaint celebration just for us. We had 9 people attend including us and the officiant. I wore my whopping $150 white lace and satin dress. Johnny wore a dress shirt, dress pants, and Vans. I loved it! The only thing that really mattered to me was to have pictures of our special day. I wanted to be able to show pictures to our kids just like my mom did when I was little.

So when the photographer never showed up, I was devastated.

While our friends tried their best to position us in attractive, creative ways for pictures, a guy with a camera around his neck came over. He said he was a photographer for the Army and would love to take our pictures. I was so relieved! Sadly we never heard from the photographer or received any of those pictures that day.  

After we took our pictures we changed into casual clothes. We were all about to leave for our “reception” at Livestock Tavern when Johnny spoke up and said he had locked his keys in his trunk. We instead went down the street, bought street tacos, and waited for a locksmith. Haha priceless.

It honestly didn’t matter what happened as long as I was married to Johnny I was happy.” – Christy