First off, I have to tell you how Vi and I met. Andrew and I heard about an eco-friendly festival happening in Edmonton last summer (appropriately named “Sustainival”), so we took Chester to check it out. As soon as we got there, Vi walked up to me and asked, “are you Laurie K. Jensen? And is this Chester?”

I WAS FLATTERED. Someone actually RECOGNIZES me? Better yet, someone recognizes me because of CHESTER?! Hahaha. We got to talking, found out she’s been following me on Instagram, I’m shooting her friends’ wedding (Hannah & Scott’s), and we made plans to hang out afterwards!

Turns out, Chester wasn’t actually allowed to be at the event, so we left shortly after. But honestly, I’m so glad we still brought him because we ended up meeting Vi & Eric there!

ANYWAY. This post isn’t about Vi and me. It’s about Vi and Eric. I feel hearing their story in their own words is much more real, so feel free to read below or just enjoy their gorgeous images!


Describe your first date. Did you know it would lead to more dates? A relationship?

First real date was at Woodwork in downtown Edmonton. It launched our love of new food and a short lived obsession with charcuterie. We had been hanging out and doing things for a while before this date, so I thought it would lead to more dates. Not sure what Vi thought.

Who proposed? How did it happen?

Eric proposed to Vi in Iceland. We woke up early in the morning on a farm in rural iceland and drove about 8 hours to the Dynjandi waterfall. It was a place we saw on Facebook/Instagram way before we booked out trip and knew we had to visit. We got there bright and early so we had the entire waterfall to ourselves for the first hour we were there.

During the trip we were using a tripod and timer button to take photos, everytime we used the tripod, I would intensely study the timer to get the timing down. At Dynjandi, I asked her to take some tripod photos of us, and I worked out the timing so she would be taking her own proposal photo. She was so shocked/confused, she didnt answer me and just stared blankly at me for a solid 2 minutes.

I had the ring in my backpack for about a week, and was terrified she would find it so I never let her touch the bag

Was the proposal a complete surprise? How did you celebrate after?

YES. Vi had no idea, she thought it would have been way too cliche for me to propose on vacation (despite everyone telling her it was going to happen). We were in the middle of nowhere so didn’t really “celebrate”.

Our first meal as an engaged couple was on a ferry ride, I had a breakfast sandwich, and she had fries.

How did you know he/she was the one you want to marry?

I am a grumpy old man who has been set in his ways for years and resistant to change. She has been the only person that I have wanted to change for, and thats how I knew she was the one for me. She makes me a better person.