If your wedding ring that you ordered months ago from Greece didn’t arrive on time, what would you do?

If you’re Hannah, you’ll find yourself at Stitches 24 hours before your wedding day to buy a stand-in ring. For $1.98. For reals. #CoolestBrideEver.

We started the day at Hannah’s parents’ new home where they just moved in six weeks prior, to photograph Hannah and her maid of honour, aka Mom, getting ready. Her parents were so welcoming and allowed me to look around their home for things I could use to photograph the wedding rings.

Hannah’s dad loves to play the trumpet, and I saw a globe sitting by the piano, so I got to flex a bit of my creative muscles for the ring shots! If you look closely on the globe, the rings are focused on San Francisco, where Scott proposed to Hannah (you can read more about their love story here).

Hannah & Scott chose to forgo a First Look, so I asked if she would like to do one with her Dad instead. Luckily she said yes! Her dad’s reaction was so sweet, and I’m really glad we were able to set aside a few minutes for them to share that moment together!

Around noon, Hannah & Scott exchanged vows near the old Royal Alberta Museum grounds at a small park overlooking the river valley. Witnessing this incredibly intimate event were immediate family and grandparents, with Scott’s “nephew-puppy” as the ring bearer. Following their ceremony & family formals, we walked over to the museum grounds and Government House for bride & groom portraits.

Scott really wanted a few pictures at the fountains in front the Legislative building as well, so we got back to our cars for our next destination. So, this is 100% my fault but I had absolutely no idea that there were TWO SEPARATE FOUNTAINS in front of the Legislative building. Scott called me to say that they were there, and I said I was too…except neither of us were seeing each other, hahaha. Me asking, “are you near the Fat Franks hot dog stand?” must’ve helped because Scott told me to keep walking from there and I eventually saw them!

You can’t tell from the photographs, but it was BUSY at the fountains. I mean, duh, it was a hot summer afternoon! (And thank you, Photoshop, for helping me remove a dozen people out of the frames!).

Hannah & Scott have a guinea pig named Clifford, and I am super happy we got to include him in a few photos too! How incredibly sweet are the photos of them cuddling him and he’s looking straight into the camera?! I should mention,

Hannah’s a resident doctor at the University of Alberta hospital, so it’s safe to say that she’s fuelled by Diet Coke and Starbucks. So appropriately, we made sure to document her love for her two favourite drinks! Scott loves video games and is a high school science teacher, so he got to show off his Zelda cufflinks and space-themed socks! I absolutely loved they incorporated bits of their personalities into their wedding day!

Their reception was held at Latitude 53 and they hired a couple of food trucks to come feed their guests (and their hungry photographer) and it was so fun setting up a few shots of everyone eating! (Sidenote: sorry Eric for making you wait to eat your burger so I could set this up hahaha).

Hannah & Scott, thank you for being so incredibly down-to-earth, fun, goofy, happy, and welcoming! A selfish part of me wants to keep editing your photos forever because I absolutely loved everything about your wedding and being a part of your special day! I hope our paths cross again soon and you two are going to make the cutest babies ever!!!

Ceremony: Edmonton River Valley
Cake: Cake Couture
Catering: Crooked Fork Food Truck, Italian Centre
Groom Attire: Simons
OfficiantTammy Banting
Photographer: Laurie K. Jensen Photography
Reception: Latitude 53