You’re ENGAGED!!! YAY!!! Now you get to Pin stuff for REAL because this is HAPPENING!!

Classy and refined or rustic and natural? Pink and champagne or blue and cream? Traditional tulle gown or a BHLDN dress? So many options!!

You’ve probably heard by now the commonly used phrase, “after all the cake is eaten etc”. I’m not going to say it on here because I think it’s kind of cliché but at the same time, it holds a lot of truth. Your photographs, aside from your memories, really will be the only thing you have left to remember your wedding.

So, you want professional photographs – YAY!

Now, how do you choose a wedding photographer? There are so many of us! I hope my tips will help you find yours! (And bonus points if it’s me!! #sorrynotsorry #couldnthelpmyself).

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

You Should Like him/her as a Person

OK, maybe this is kind of a “duh” thing to say, but seriously, you should be able to hit it off pretty easily. The reason? If you get along in more than a “photographer-client” relationship, you’re going to feel a lot more comfortable in front of the camera. If it feels as if you’ve known each other your whole life, that chemistry will make for amazing photos.

I know it sounds a little odd because you hire them to do one thing: take your photos, right? But in my opinion, a photographer should be more than their title. You should relate to them fairly easily, whether it’s through their personality, their style, their hobbies – however you can connect other than in a professional relationship is so important!

You Like What They Offer

If you find a photographer you like, next up on your checklist should be if they can shoot your wedding! If you’re looking for xx amount of hours with an engagement session and all your digitals for $xxxx budget, then hopefully what they offer aligns with what you want.

Here’s another tip: most often, photographers offer custom collections. If they don’t mention it on their website but you really like their work, I don’t think there’s any harm in asking. Be prepared though. If you’re looking to book 3 hours a year from now on a popular Saturday, they might not be able to book you. But, if your requests are a bit more complex, it’s worth a shot!

You Like Their Style

Their previous work should be consistent and a clear indicator of the type of photos you will receive for your own wedding. If you are drawn to their style of photography, then it’s a good sign they’re the right photographer for you!

They Make You Sign a Contract

Contracts are scary. They’re legally binding documents between two parties and often, a lot of money is exchanged as part of the contract. But they also protect you from potentially scary situations. They protect you in case a photographer can’t deliver what they promised for whatever reason, and likewise, they protect us in case a couple wants to back out last minute because Uncle Bob said he’ll bring his camera to your wedding instead.

I understand that not everyone can afford a wedding photographer, but if you are going to pay someone to shoot your wedding, make sure you sign a contract! This protect BOTH you and the photographer. This is standard for every professional photographer, so if they don’t have one for you to sign, I would question why.

They’re Insured & Licensed

I firmly believe that a licensed business will take your wedding more seriously than a non-licensed business. Why do I say that? It’s because as a licensed business, we take our jobs seriously. We don’t do this “just for fun” or “just to make a little bit of extra money”. We do this day in and day out, making sure our end results meet our clients’ expectations.

You’d be surprised at how many horror stories we read about a “photographer” who ran off with someone’s money or how they suddenly “stopped answering their phone” the day of a couple’s wedding. You guys, this SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN! And this WILL never happen if you hire a legit business – not just someone with a camera!

As for the insurance, there are many venues that won’t allow photographers to shoot in their location if they’re not insured. It’s a crucial part of any business and as such, is an indicator of how seriously they take their job!

Does this help you in your search for a wedding photographer? I hope so! Comment below if I’ve missed any tips!