Talk about EPIC.

We photographed Vi & Eric’s adventure session the day before their wedding and chose Halona Blowhole because I REALLY wanted to get a picture of them with the waves crashing behind them!

The lesson here? A selfish photographer is sometimes a good thing if it means you’ll get amazing pictures! Hahaha.

We picked them up from their hotel, drove to the lookout, and walked down a steep decline – and you guys, she DID THIS IN HER WEDDING DRESS.


And the thing about Hawaii? It started raining out of nowhere!! But, rain in Hawaii is kind of pretty neat because it’s not exactly cold rain (or at least compared to rain here in Canada, haha). But we did have to seek shelter for a bit because rain isn’t exactly fun when you’re in your full wedding attire, haha.

It took a few tries, but we nailed the wave shot, and I was SO HAPPY!! TEAMWORK, friends. We then moved on to other parts of the area, and it felt like a full on fashion shoot with Vi & Eric looking like pros and tourists taking their pictures from above on the lookout. (And thanks to Photoshop, you’d never even know they were even there!).

Vi & Eric, you two are amazing. Thanks so much for trusting us to photograph you guys in Hawaii!!!! AHHHH, you’re the best!

“I’m so happy we flew y’all out!! Best decision ever.” – Vi & Eric