If you haven’t heard of Truvelle, I dare you to not fall in love with their dresses (spoiler alert: you’ll love them all). Each dress is carefully handmade in their 9000 sq ft studio in Vancouver by a team of seriously talented artists. Sara, the head of media relations, was kind enough to show me around after my visit with Gaby, and I am so grateful they took time out of their busy schedules to accommodate me!

There are several departments in the studio ranging from office & marketing to production, quality control, and alterations. Whether they design, cut, stitch, or finalize the dresses for each bride, it’s clear the creative team at Truvelle love what they do. Visiting the studio was pure inspiration for me and reaffirmed my love for wedding photography even more.

Oh, and the best part? Each dress from their 2018 collection are named after real ladies who work at Truvelle and I got to meet a few of them!! How awesome is that?! (I especially love the Julie & the Mary gowns – but tbh, they’re all my faves).


Intro: My name’s Gaby, and I’m the owner & creative director of two bridal brands : Truvelle & LAUDAE. I also run a bridal boutique in Vancouver & I have a garment studio where we hand-make all of our wedding gowns.

What’s new about your 2018 collection that brides will love?

The 2018 collection was a labour of love that totally paid off – it’s my favourite one to date! We did our best to balance what we’re known for with things that are fresh. You can see that with tulle layered over our signature chiffon skirts, an extra long train on half of the 2018’s skirts, and our gold “Samantha’ dress — a homage to the rose gold gowns that made us Pinterest famous a few years ago. We’ve also introduced a new bodice- our scoop neck bodice – and have added secret support throughout our bodices through the use of barely-there mesh.

What should a bride first look for when choosing her dress?

A bride should absolutely find something that she’s comfortable in. You have a million things to think about on your wedding day – your dress limiting how much you can move on the dance floor shouldn’t be one of them.

What kind of jewelry pieces look best for a bride wearing a Truvelle dress?

Since most Truvelle gowns feature an interesting neckline or statement lace, I’m all about keeping things simple in the accessory department! For me, a good statement earring is enough, but a delicate bracelet is always a nice touch too.

You’ve also created a different wedding line, LAUDAE. What would a bride appreciate about a LAUDAE dress that’s different from a Truvelle dress?

LAUDAE is Truvelle’s spirited younger sister, who’s not afraid of showing off her curves (maybe a little bit of leg 😉 ). LAUDAE’s shape is completely different from Truvelle: Where Truvelle does aline, whimsical, effortless gowns like nobody’s business, LAUDAE is all about tighter fits that celebrate a woman’s body. I’m particularly excited about LAUDAE because it’s a brand that’s taking a conscious approach. In addition to producing entirely in-house, all LAUDAE gowns feature linings made out of recycled materials.

How will a bride know if she’s found “the one”? Dress that is!

When you know, you know! I was just in Toronto for a trunk show, and brides were saying “yes” for reasons ranging from never wanting to take the dress off, to finding nothing that compares, to a straight up cry-sesh with all of her loved ones.

What’s the driving force behind your inspirations when creating new dresses? 

In the past I’ve been heavily influenced by fabrics, but lately I’ve been super inspired during the pattern making process. I love manipulating existing dress patterns into new designs. I’m also really interested in exploring everyday fashion & figuring out how it can be reimagined to something as special as a wedding dress.

Do you have a favourite dress you’ve created? What do you like most about it?

I’m obsessed with the Mary dress, from our 2018 collection. I just love the beaded cap sleeves and how they seem to float on your shoulders.

What would you like to see more of in the wedding industry? Is there anything you’d like to see less of? 

I’d love to see more colour in wedding dresses & I’d like to see less weddings take place in poorly-lit halls.

Lastly, what else do you have planned for the future that we can look forward to? 

There are still a few things up in the air, but there’s talk of the 2019 look book happening in an even more epic location than Turkey (where we shot this year’s look book) & there’s talk of releasing a brand new line. I don’t want to give too much away, cause nothing’s set in stone!