If you’ve never heard of Fresh 48 sessions, it’s my new favourite way to photograph newborns! Like the name suggests, it’s for when the baby is less than 48 hours old, give or take a little, and it’s unposed, real, raw, and all about the baby’s first few hours!

Fresh 48 sessions can be taken in your home or in your hospital room, wherever you and your baby feel most comfortable, and though the main focus is on your newborn baby, parents and siblings are welcome to be included as well.

What I love about Fresh 48 sessions is that it’s so different from the typical newborn photos you may have seen before. There are no props or posing and is 100% documentary-style, which I absolutely love, because it focuses on telling a story through real moments, rather than poses.

My very first Fresh 48 session with Nyomi went flawlessly, and I am so happy to share these images with you! My favourite part about photographing her was that she literally didn’t have to do anything! She could stay still, she could move, she could cry, or she could sleep – I made sure to document it all during our hour together!

I also loved that it was in her environment, which made it easier for her parents that they didn’t have to clean up or go anywhere. And if you can believe it, these photographs were taken on the floor next to a large window where there was lots of daylight coming in (the key to any good shoot!).

So, if you’re expecting or you know of anyone who will be new parents soon, send me an email!