If you love puppies, you will LOVE these Frenchtons! A mix of French Bulldog and Boston Terrier, these puppies are ADORABLE.

When my friend, Avril, told me her dog, Pandora, is expecting puppies, I immediately asked if I could take newborn pictures of them. We had to wait a couple of weeks until they were ready for a visit, and I am so grateful she invited me over to see them!

You know that new puppy smell? These babies had a healthy supply of them and I seriously wish I could bottle that scent! Satcho, the Dad, doesn’t get a lot of time to interact with his puppies, so my heart definitely melted when he tried to kiss one of them (see the photos below!).

There are six puppies, four males and two females, and one of the female puppies Avril named Miila, was the calmest one and we tried to coax her to yawn. After waiting for a few minutes, she finally did and my heart just MELTED.

All of the puppies were huddling and snuggling with each other for warmth, and whenever we moved them they would make these tiny squeaky noises and I seriously could not get enough of it! What’s funny is that at one point it was just one of the puppies making the squeaky noises, that another puppy basically looked over at his sibling like, “chill, dude, it’s fine!” hahaha.

Because they’re so sleepy and tiny, we kind of let them do their thing (much like my regular newborn sessions), capturing tiny details like their paws and small expressions. Because there were six of them, we piled them into a puppy pyramid and surprisingly they loved it!

Oh my goodness, you guys, I can’t get enough!