When you start off your evening with ice cream, you just know the rest of your day is going to be awesome. Jasmine & Brad did just that by starting off their engagement session with a visit to Millers Ice Cream in downtown Fort Saskatchewan (Jasmine – mint chocolate chip and Brad – cookie dough ice cream).

We then made our way over to an empty parking lot by a large white brick wall where we shot some seriously gorgeous photos of them together! You wouldn’t think it, but something so simple and basic as a white brick wall is like GOLD to a photographer! (Mental note, I HAVE to go back there for some photos of my own!).

Because Jasmine’s family live on a grain farm nearby, we drove over there to finish our session. And you’ll never believe how gorgeous their farm is!!! This, combined with the sunset, over the lake and fields = perfection!!

I simply can’t explain in words how dreamy their shoot was, so check out the video and photos below and decide for yourself!


Your names & ages: Brad (23) & Jasmine (25)
Occupations: Vehicle Technician in the military (Brad), Office Administrator (Jasmine)
Current relationship status: Engaged


How did you two meet?

EHarmony. Our first official meeting was when Brad was locked out of his house and Jasmine decided to buy him groceries while he was staying at a friend’s house. Shopping list: chicken, cottage cheese, lettuce and almond milk. Jasmine wondered what kind of salad he was making. Brad was wondering what was the blue streak in her hair.

When did you start dating? Who asked who? 

Shortly after their groceries meeting, they went out for their first date. Brad asked Jasmine to date her after their second date.

Describe your first date. Did you know it would lead to more dates? A relationship? 

We went to Famoso’s to get Jasmine’s favorite tomato soup. We stayed there until the restaurant closed. Brad hoped it would lead to more dates and asked to see Jasmine again the following weekend.


Who proposed? How did it happen?

Brad made Jasmine climb a mountain in Edmonton. The river valley to be exact. They hardly made it up the hill (Brad was pretty good). When they finally made it (Brad made it first), Jasmine took photos of scenery while she questioned why Brad seemed to be shaking. Brad said he had a question to ask Jasmine and he pulled out the most beautiful ring and she squealed with excitement before she said YES.

Was the proposal a complete surprise? How did you celebrate after? 

Brad and Jasmine had talked about marriage for a month or so before the proposal. They both knew they wanted to get married. To the best of Brad’s abilities he tried to make the proposal a surprise, but Jasmine did have her suspicisons. To celebrate they went to their favorite coffee shop (commonly known as Starbucks), followed by enjoying the sun and view (of each other) at the Legislature grounds. Soon after they went for ice cream to complete the perfect afternoon.

How did you know he/she was the one you want to marry? 

“She’s perfect In every possible way:) she makes me happy!!” – Brad

“He completes me. He is the biggest blessing God has ever given me!” – Jasmine


How do you like to spend your free time together? 

Brad and Jasmine like to go on walks and eat ice cream and watch all the different vampire movies and shows one can come a cross. But mostly they just like to enjoy each other’s company. Listening to her Nashville recorded album cause she’s recorded an album.

What kind of adjectives would you use to describe yourselves as a couple? 

Freakin beautiful, too hot to handle, PDA A-game, advert your eyes, sweet, kind, adorable as ever, God-fearing and God-loving.

Are there any quirks you like about each other? 

Brad always gets this cute little look on his face when he gets in a goofy mood. When Jasmine gets tired she becomes really goofy and she laughs at absolutely everything.

Do you have any memorable moments you’ve shared together?

All of them. Every minute Brad  gets to spend with Jasmine.  And every minute Jasmine gets to spend with Brad. The day they went boating on the dugout at her parents farm. That day was the day after they were engaged. They are so excited to take photos there as it was a great moment of them enjoying being newly engaged and inlove!


What has been the biggest struggle you’ve faced as a couple? 

Living too far away from each other and only seeing each other on the weekends.

In a world where unfortunate circumstances & divorces occur, what makes you confident your marriage will survive its challenges? 

The Lord Jesus.

If you were stranded on an island: 

We wouldn’t be Brad would get off the island. Always bring an inflatable boat with you. Jasmine hopes he’d bring her with him.

What are your goals & dreams for the future? 

She’s makes it big as a singer and Brad can retire very young and live his life as a trophy husband.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with me?

If you haven’t noticed yet, we like to be funny. (Jasmine is tired)