If you know me in person, you probably know how much I legit love show homes. Like, Andrew will mention how I’m pretty much banned from suggesting show homes as a date night ever again because we’ve gone to so many of them, hahaha.

When Kaitlin told me they’re excited to move into their new home and was describing their place (built by Brookfield Residential), I knew it was the Cadenza model! Three bedrooms up, large basement windows, and the laundry room upstairs by the flex room, I totally knew which one they purchased and even more excited to photograph them moving into their new home!

They’ve been living with Kaitlin’s grandmother for the past four and half years, so all of their own stuff has been in storage until now and they were super excited to open them up (especially their plates!)! Literally within minutes after them signing the papers, we shot a few photos in their new space (and you guys, they have like, the biggest yard ever!).

Being able to photograph these first few moments for Tom & Kaitlin in their new home was such a fun experience for me. I’m excited to share them with you too, and if you’re planning to move into a new home of your own too, let me know!



These are beautiful, Laurie! What a lovely way to commemorate their first home together as a married couple.

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