AHHHHH, I can’t even tell you how perfect Matt & Marina’s engagement session was! As a photographer, you approach a shoot with a certain vision – a certain look – but it’s really dependent on the weather, the lighting, the couple’s relationship with each other, and the general backdrop/location.

You guys. Everything fell into place. Despite me being half an hour late for our shoot (thank you, Edmonton traffic), and being held up by a herd of bison when we got to the park, we hit the sunset perfectly and we honestly could not have asked for better lighting!

We started the shoot at their place so we could include their rescue, Martin, in a few of the photos. I LOVE when my couples include their furry children – they are important members of the family! He was so adorable for the shoot, I could honestly photograph animals forever, hahaha.

We then made our way to Elk Island, saw a ton of bison (I think it was right after mating season, so we even saw baby bison – ahh, the cutest!!), and hit the sunset perfectly to end the session with a few romantic images to document their engagement.

I am super happy with how beautifully their images turned out! Matt and Marina, I am so glad we met and look forward to your wedding!


These look amazing! We especially love the ones with the dog!  Thank you for all the work you put into these.  We’re so happy that you’re our photographer for the big day! 

Thanks again!