This summer, I hosted a giveaway on my Facebook & Instagram, where I asked people for feedback on their previous portrait sessions they had with either me or another photographer. I wanted to get firsthand stories of why they chose certain photographers, what they liked about their sessions, and what they felt could be improved from their previous photography experiences.

I honestly only expected a few people to answer, but within a couple of hours I received several! I was grateful for the raw and honest feedback I received and was thankful that even those who have never directly worked with me still took the time to respond!

In return, I offered a complimentary session and the winner (selected by a random draw) was welcomed to use it for whatever session they wished. I ended up drawing Zoe’s name, and she requested a family session, which I was so happy to do for her!

Feel free to watch the slideshow to see images from their session, and if you have all the heart eyes for Harper’s dress, you’ll have to check out From Harper (handmade by Zoe)!


What are some things you enjoy doing together?

One of my favourite family things to do isn’t very adventurous, but I love us watching American Ninja Warrior together. The three of us enjoy it, and it’s so fun to watch Harper cheer them on and then practice her ‘Ninja’ moves herself.

What kind of adjectives would you use to describe yourselves? 

Funny, disgusting (we are a fart friendly household), loving

Do you have any memorable moments you’ve shared together? 

We had the best time last summer on holidays on the Oregon coast in the cutest house just steps from the beach. It was beautiful, and an amazing family time. I can’t believe I got my own Goonie adventure!

What do you want your children to remember most about their childhood? 

That she was loved and able to be herself.

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