Delica Bridal is a bridal shop located in SE Edmonton and if you haven’t visited it yet, you must! I loved being able to interview and photograph the space, the dresses, and the ladies behind Delica Bridal so enjoy the images and interview!


Nicole: I am Nicole & I own Delica with my sister Ashley. Delica is bridal shop located in Edmonton, Alberta. We are a small boutique with a curated selection of gowns catering to brides looking for a relaxed, non- fuss shopping experience. Most of the time, you will find me at the store taking bridal appointments. If I’m not at the store, I’m busy running Delica’s social media and planning styled shoots with local wedding vendors!

Ashley: I am Ashley McNeill-Dorado, sister to Nicole and co-owner of Delica Bridal.  You can find me in the change rooms, working 1 on 1 with brides to find their special bridal gown.

When and how did you start Delica?

Ashley: Nicole and I started Delica Bridal 7 years ago in South Edmonton. At this time, there was a large demand for high end, superior quality bridal gowns from trendy & modern designers which weren’t all available in Edmonton at the time. We started Delica Bridal to provide Alberta brides these types of gowns and continue to provide fresh and chic selections for them today.

Nicole: Ashley was the one who came up with the idea of opening a bridal shop and asked if I wanted to partner with her. From there, an idea that we chatted about turned into a business plan, which then turned into a successful business! With my background in textiles and Ashley’s background in business management & sales, we are the perfect match!


Who is your favorite designer? What is your favorite dress?

Nicole: Hard question! If I had to pick one designer, it would be Truvelle. Their gowns are so effortless, comfortable and completely fuss-free. Even better, they’re designed and made in Vancouver, Canada. My favorite gown right now (emphasis on ‘right now’), is Kyra from the new 2019 Truvelle Collection. She is feminine in shape and is made from this amazing beaded smoke grey tulle. I can’t wait to see our brides wear her!

Ashley: I love all things Hayley Paige! Hayley Paige gowns have dramatic silhouettes, sparkle, and are always so unique. My favorite Hayley Paige dress is the Dori. I always say that I wish this gown was around when I got married.

What should a bride look for when choosing her dress?

Ashley: When looking for a gown, it is important for the bride to consider the fit she is looking for and how the dress will compliment her body.  Will the bodice be shorter/ wider? It’s hard to imagine what the gown will look like in the right size but it makes a big difference understanding that ahead of time.

What are your tips for brides? 

Nicole: My number one tip that I would give to brides is to keep an open mind when shopping for your wedding dress. Some dresses just don’t have hanger appeal, but they come to life when you put them on. So trust your consultant when he/she recommends that you try something on. The dress that you end up choosing may not be what you had originally envisioned.

Ashley: After picking the dress of your dreams, take the time read the purchase agreement to understand your commitment to the dress you have selected. We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase because we know how special this day is. Make sure you are aligned with all aspects of the agreement before signing off because there is no turning back or opportunity to change things once it’s signed.  So take the time to ask the questions, write stuff on the agreement, double check anything you are unsure of and read every detail of the agreement before signing because wedding gowns take a long time to make and there is only one shot to get it right.

Where did the name Delica come from?

Ashley: We wish we had a cool origin story for our store name, but it’s pretty basic. The inspiration came from driving one day and spotting the name “Delica” on a Mitsubishi Van. I thought it was catchy and unique and not really well known. How often do you ever see a Mitsubishi Delica cruising around Edmonton? The funny thing is, the only time we see that exact vehicle is around the store. I take that as a sign that our store was meant to be named Delica.

Nicole: I always joke that we need to buy a Delica Mitsubishi Van, glam it up a bit & make it our company vehicle!

What sets you apart from other stores?

Ashley: We opened Delica to bring fashion forward brands to Edmonton that could only be found exclusively at our boutique. We like to think our brands are of premium quality and unique to what is offered in the market. Each year, we travel to New York multiple times to hand-pick the newest brands & latest trends in designs to bring to Alberta. What distinguishes us from other stores is our premium & trendy selection along with the fact that these dresses can only be found exclusively at our boutique.

Which designers do you carry? Which ones are exclusive to Delica only?

Nicole: All of the designers that we carry are exclusive but one. We carry Truvelle, Laudae, Hayley Paige (signature line), Blush by Hayley Paige, Lazaro, Tara Lauren, Jenny Yoo, Daughters of Simone, Ti Adora and Jenny Yoo bridesmaids. For accessories, we carry Davie & Chiyo and Sara Gabriel.

What do you look for in designers?

Ashley: The two main things we look for are premium quality and uniqueness. We look for high quality fabrics, but at the same time look for gowns that can be easily altered. Every bride is different in shape and size and we want to make sure the fit is impeccable. As we look to be trend setters in the market, we are always looking for unique designers that we can be the first to showcase. The most important thing to us is that our brides are happy, so it’s imperative for us to partner with the right designers to make that happen.

How do you keep up with the trends in the bridal industry?

Ashley: As mentioned before, we travel to New York multiple times per year to hand-pick our dresses. New York is the mecca for fashion, so it only makes sense that this is where we get a lot of inspiration in determining our own bridal collection. It can be a little overwhelming, as we see thousands of different styles and have to pick the top dresses which we think we can build upon. We definitely take risks, as we look to bring new fashion to Alberta and create trends that don’t necessarily exist in the market yet.

So far, I’d say we’ve pretty successful at bringing new ideas to Alberta and brides welcoming them with open arms

Could you tell us more about the “Trish” dress (pictured above)?

Nicole: The Trish is a dress that we had the opportunity to design exclusively with Truvelle. This dress is only available through Delica and can’t be tried on anywhere else. The project with Truvelle started out to reduce the amount of waste that happens in garment production. Using excess material from the production of gowns, we were able to create a one of kind exclusive Delica dress. We named the dress after our sister Trish, to keep it in the family (yes, we do have another sister!). It is really special for us to see our brides wear a dress that we designed.

Lastly, where would you love to see a Delica Bride if she could marry anywhere in the world? 

Nicole: We have the raddest Delica brides & we have seen them get married all around the world! Our brides have gotten married in California, Iceland, Italy, France, Scotland, Nigeria- the list goes on.

However, I would love to see a Delica bride get married in Greece. It would be so picturesque!

To see more of Ashley & Nicole’s gorgeous bridal shop or to book an appointment, check them out at!