Full discloser: I just learned like two days ago that the word “hoarfrost” existed to describe the frost on the trees when it gets all white and pretty.

As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to take advantage of it before it would melt!

During the summer, Andrew and I walk Chester down this trail near our home. It’s literally right in the suburbs but it honestly looks like you’re out in the country because of all of the trees! (PS: I totally want to live in one of the houses that line the trail!).

So what did I do? I asked Camilla if she wanted to model for me, and before you know it, we were outdoors taking pictures! She’s totally a natural and we even had someone ask us if we were “shooting a cover for a magazine” when he was walking past us with his dog.

Thank you, Camilla, for making my photography heart happy with your gorgeous looks and beautiful smiles!

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