It all started with Jarin’s sister, Jessica. She and Rebecca first met at summer camp six years ago and little did she know at the time, she was actually meeting her future sister-in-law. She introduced her older brother to her new friend at a youth dance held by their church and he immediately developed a crush.

Fast forward a few years and they went on their first date to West Edmonton Mall, playing mini golf and picnicking right there at the food court! How fun is that?! Their timing could not have worked out any better as Jarin just returned from serving a 2 year mission for their church and Rebecca was able to greet him when he arrived, before she left on hers. After unofficially dating for a few months, he asked her to be his girlfriend one winter evening, and eventually proposed on the top of Bear’s Hump in Waterton! You guys! These two are the cutest couple you’ll ever meet!

Their wedding was held at the Calgary LDS Temple, which set an intimate and calming tone for the rest of the day. There’s something very special about being sealed as husband and wife inside the temple, and Rebecca and Jarin have been blessed with the most beautiful day ever. For time and for all eternity, they will be each other’s best friends, eternal companions, and soulmates for life.

I literally cried while editing these images of their wedding day because with every frame, I was being reminded of how precious love is. How sacred it is to have the opportunity, the chance, to meet our special someone who we’re to spend the rest of our life with. To share in our trials and celebrate in our successes. Someone who won’t judge you for who you are, but rather, allow you to be authentic, raw, and real.

Photography – Laurie K. Jensen // Venue – Calgary LDS Temple // Rings – Park City Jewelers

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