If I had to describe this session with only emojis, I would use a lot of heart eyes and crying faces. Like, a LOT of them. This session checked off a HUUUGGEE goal off my 2017 bucket list and I am THRILLED to share these images with you guys!

If you’re wondering what a “day-after” shoot is, it’s essentially a session shortly after your wedding (in this case, a couple of weeks after) so you can wear your wedding attire again and visit a location for photos that may not have been possible on your actual wedding day.

Even though it’s called a “day-after” session, it doesn’t have to be literally the day after. It could be a few days later, a couple of weeks, months, or even a year or two as an anniversary session! (Andrew and I plan to do one in Hawaii as an anniversary shoot in the future!).

It’s also commonly known as “trash-the-dress” sessions but I personally dislike that phrase because wedding dresses are so beautiful and the thought of “trashing” your dress sounds a little disrespectful. I’ll have to think of a more exciting and romantic name, so if you have any ideas, let me know! 🙂

I absolutely adore the concept of day-after sessions because it also puts less stress on the bride & groom to get all of their portraits during the pressures of a wedding-day timeline. With a day-after session, we get to plan a day trip to an amazing location and essentially explore and adventure to our heart’s content!

If this intrigues you in any way, whether you’re already married or not, feel free to contact me about a day-after session of your own! And if you’re not sure if your wedding dress still fits you, you can always wear another one! (And hey, that’s an excuse to buy another wedding dress, right?).

Many thanks to Sam & Branden for sharing this adventure with us and to Andrew for helping me take these images!

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