Before I show you the photos, I have to tell you a few things:

  • a day trip to Nordegg is always a good idea (even better when I get to take my camera with me!)
  • engagement sessions remind me why I LOVE being a photographer!
  • Sam & Branden are possibly one of the most adorable couples I have ever met

You might think by looking at these images that I Photoshopped a heck out of them to make Abraham Lake that blue, but I promise you – it really was that stunning in real life!! We were all loving the fog that surrounded us on our way there and before you know it, it started to snow too! So all that snow and the glacier blue lake you see, it’s all real, which made our shoot even more romantic (you honestly can’t fake this kind of magic!).

Names: Samantha (20) & Branden (24)
Occupations: Students – BFA and BSc
Current Relationship Status: Engaged


How did you two meet? 
We met through mutual friends.

When did you start dating? Who asked who?
August 8th, 2016, he dropped me off at my scooter after going to the board game cafe and mumbled “I really enjoy spending time with you and… well I was wondering… if you would want to be .. like.. girlfriend – boyfriend type thing..?” and I said “yes of course!” – Sam

Pretty sure it was more like “hey I know I dominated at every board game we played tonight but I’d like to date you.” to which she replied…. “Ive been waiting for you to ask that.” -Branden

Describe your first date. Did you know it would lead to more dates? A relationship?
Well first he asked me out over text message…not impressed. But then he came to my house wearing a button up shirt, driving a convertible vintage spitfire, so then I was OK with it. We went to Heritage Days and we shared messy food, took pictures in cheesy head cut outs, sat and talked…and talked. Then we drove around a while getting lost and he was supposed to drive me home but then we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon together. – Sam

Disclaimer: I thought we were just “hanging out” but then i realized i would actually have no chance if I actually asked her out so I had to step my game up with that button up and car. Also I was too scared to ask her in person. – Branden


Who proposed? How did it happen?
We went to the Art Gallery of Alberta which seemed like a last minute date because 2 days before he just said “Hey the AGA is free admission on Family Day. Wanna go?” So I said sure! Completely unsuspecting we walked through the entire top 2 floors of the gallery. I was taking my sweet time reading all the artist statements and explaining everything to Branden.

When we got to the main floor we were about to enter the gallery space, but just before that there is a small showcase of smaller artworks which I was admiring. I was observing one pretty closely and rambling about how great I thought it was, until Branden hurried me along saying “cool, go look at the other ones!” so I looked at the one next to it which was a tile that had my full name on it. Immediately confused how someone else had the same name as me, I gave Branden a confused look and then turned back to look at the tile. Under my name of course it said “will you marry me?” and I caught on and started bawling. Then I turned around and he got down on one knee and the rest is history! – Sam

She said YES! – Branden

Yes! and I couldn’t be happier. It was the one thing I was hoping the most. He done well. – Sam

I took her out for hotdogs for doing such a great job saying yes., (Sam hates hotdogs so she had a vegetarian poutine, while I ate the meal of the gods) -Branden

How did you know he/she was the one you want to marry?
I think I figured it out pretty quick into our relationship. He’s such a gentlemen and everything felt so natural and right. I’ve never felt so comfortable and at ease around someone like I do around him. – Sam

One night we stood on her porch saying good night and she began to cry…like great I screwed up already…but she began to tell me how she just feels a certain connection to me….Normally I would think this is a red flag crazy chick thing but I was so overwhelmed with how I felt the same way. The drive home I knew without a doubt that I would be putting a ring on it. And guess what…I did. – Branden


How do you like to spend your free time together?
Well we both love exploring, trying new things, teaching each other about our different interests, watching movies, rock climbing, outdoor activities, hanging out with our family and friends. It sounds like a dating profile, but its our reality!

What kind of adjectives would you use to describe yourselves as a couple?
Goofy, adventurous, supportive, patient, dope.

Are there any quirks you like about each other?
I love how ticklish she is…like its not normal….I love how when she’s driving she uses “I just like looking at you” as an excuse for running over things (nothing living just curbs and random objects in the road and other cars)….I love how she has this unnatural love for sour cream, she’d eat it by the spoonful. She also does something I call the Chipmunk. When she’s full but still wants to finish her plate, she packs her food into her cheeks while trying to chew because she has to swallow smaller pieces to fit it all in I guess….I wasn’t too sure what was happening the first time I saw it and wondered to myself if she was trying to be a chipmunk. – Branden

He is obsessed with fish. Like he is a salt water encyclopedia and when we go the fish store he turns into a child. It is THE cutest. He also has a weird obsession with hot dogs, reese puffs and socks that fit just right. Also his sneezes are tiny and I love them. Also when he falls asleep he majorly twitches for a few minutes haha. He’s also had a few concussions so when he gets really tired he starts to stutter on some words. It always makes me giggle.

Do you have any memorable moments you’ve shared together?
Every moment 🙂 – Branden

First kiss at Elk Island park under the meteor shower and the northern lights all cozy in the back of his pick up truck. He definitely planned that one. – Sam


What has been the biggest struggle you’ve faced as a couple?
Figuring out how to manage not spending 24/7 with each other.

In a world where unfortunate circumstances & divorces occur, what makes you confident your marriage will survive its challenges?
We communicate so openly and well together seldom do things expand beyond an annoyance. We also have a really solid understanding of how to support and uplift each other when we aren’t doing well and that has always made our relationship stronger and will continue to do so.

Plus she’s defs settling for me and I’m defs moving up a few levels so I’m a stick with her.

If you were stranded on an island:
Thats the goal….

What are your goals & dreams for the future?
Travel the world and we mean the whole world. Eventually raise a family. Humanitarian trips together. Stay active, always try to impress each other. Have a dope studio for the arting.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with me?
Laurie is FABULOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (Author’s note: I mean, how could I not add this to the blog post?! Major hearts for Sam & Branden right now!!).