Deciding to elope isn’t always an easy decision. Sometimes you have to weigh the pros to make sure you’re making the right choice and that any misunderstandings from loved ones will be OK because eloping is worth it.

For us, it made sense. Our families lived too far apart and one would have had to do significantly more traveling than the other. That with a few other factors made eloping the right choice – for us.

I think eloping is a wonderful way for a couple to celebrate their love together. It’s intimate, beautiful, and incredibly romantic. But is it right for you?

Here are a few questions worth considering and discussing with each other before you make the decision!

1 – Will we still elope if our parents or other loved ones won’t understand?

Our wedding day is the day parents dream about since we’re born. They want to celebrate with us, but more importantly they want us to be happy. Still, it might be difficult for them to accept they may not be able to witness the special day you’ve got planned. Will you still elope even without your parents’ blessings? (Hopefully they will be happy for you regardless!).

2 – Why are we eloping?

People have different reasons for why they want to elope. For some, they want to spare themselves of the natural stresses that come with a wedding day. For others, they’d rather forgo a big celebration and keep things low-key. Whatever your reasons, it’s always helpful to know you’re both on the same page as to why you’re making this important decision!

3 – Will anyone be invited?

I’m 99% sure that no matter where you get married, you still need two witnesses. Will they be friends? Family members? Strangers? If you choose to invite a small number of guests, how will you decide? (Hint: we didn’t invite anyone to ours and we had two complete strangers witness our ceremony!).

4 – Where will we elope to?

If you choose to keep things low-key, you’ll notice you have a lot more options for venues – yay! Now the question is, do you elope where you plan to honeymoon? Will you elope somewhere local? Maybe you want to fly to the top of the mountains to exchange your vows? (Let’s do it!!).

5 – Will we still hold a reception?

Even though you had a low key ceremony, you may still want to hold a reception to celebrate with your family & friends (we did)! Or you may want to keep things REALLY low-key and not hold one at all! Either is perfectly fine – it’s your wedding, do what feels right!

6 – When will we elope?

Traditionally the idea of eloping was spontaneous and a surprise. A last minute spur-of-the-moment decision to forget the big weddings and get married ASAP. But now, elopements are planned with intention. Planned sometimes months in advance. Others, are still within days (or maybe hours if you’re feeling really spontaneous!). When you choose to elope will give you the timeframe you need to plan accordingly!

7 – Will we still hire a photographer?

I know, I’m sorry! I couldn’t help myself!! Because Andrew was a photographer – sorry. IS. Because Andrew is ALSO a photographer (and was before he introduced me to it!), we took a tripod with us to Hawaii where we eloped.

We wanted to save our money for the honeymoon part of our trip and figured a tripod was better than nothing. But you know what? I still wish we hired a photographer. And not just someone with a camera. A real legit wedding photographer who could’ve taken gorgeous photographs of us that are worthy to hang on our walls and better than what a small camera could take for us (you can only do so much with a tripod!!).

If you haven’t thought much about it, hiring a photographer to tag along with you on your eloping adventure is a great way to document your romantic day and to share it with those who weren’t able to attend!! (Plus you’ll have those great memories to pass down for generations!!).

Did you elope? What tips do you have you’d like to share? Comment below!